Noteworthy Publications

Angle-multiplexed optical printing of biomimetic hierarchical 3D textures
Laser and Photonics Reviews
M. Abid, L. Wang, Q. Chen, X. Wang, S. Juodkazis and H. Sun
P-type surface transfer doping of oxidised silicon terminated (100) diamond
Applied Physics Letters
M. Sear, A. Schenk, A. Tadich, A. Stacey and C. Pakes
One-Dimensional Nanomaterials for Soft Electronics
Advanced Electronic Materials
S. Gong and W. Cheng
Hydrophobic-hydrophilic surface switching properties of nonchain extended poly(urethane)s for use in agriculture to minimize soil water evaporation and permit water infiltration
Applied Polymer Science
P. Johnston, G. Freischmidt, C. Easton, M. Greaves, P. Casey, K. Bristow, P. Gunatillake and R. Adhikari
Interactions between circulating nanoengineered polymer particles and extracellular matrix components in vitro
Biomaterials Science
J. Braunger, M. Björnmalm, N. Isles, J. Cui, T. Henderson, A. O'Connor and Frank Caruso

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