Dr. Fatima Eftekhari

Process Engineer

Email: fatima.eftekhari@nanomelbourne.com
Phone: 03 9902 9658

FatimaEftekhari_IndiviudalFatima joined MCN in April 2013 and is responsible for the electron beam lithography and focused ion beam lithography tools.

Fatima obtained her PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, specialising in plasmonics and nanophotonics from the University of Victoria, Canada in 2009. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.

Following her PhD, she joined the Photonics Group at the University of Toronto, Canada as a postdoctoral research fellow to work on optofluidic-assisted Raman spectroscopy. In late 2011, she came to Melbourne to work with MCN Technology Fellow, Dr Tim Davis of CSIRO on plasmonic circuits for optical signal processing at subwavelength scales.

She has extensive experience in designing and fabricating subwavelength plasmonic metamaterials using various nanolithography techniques.

Thankfully Fatima is far more precise in the lab than she is in the kitchen. Though she loves cooking, she enjoys it most when she is improvising and experimenting and tends to leave a trail of spices and saucepans in her wake.