Dr. Paul Spizzirri

Operations and EHS Manager

Email: paul.spizzirri@nanomelbourne.com
Phone: 03 9902 9653

Paul-SpizzirriPaul Spizzirri joined the MCN in June 2011, bringing with him over 20 years of varied laboratory experience with the last 11 years focused on silicon processing technologies applied to the fabrication of a solid state quantum computer.

In 1989, Paul completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Chemistry and Biochemistry) at Swinburne University. He has also been awarded a Master of Science and PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Melbourne. His thesis looked at the development of a fluorescence lifetime imaging fibre-optic confocal microscope in the ultra-fast spectroscopy laboratories of Professor Ken Ghiggino.

Paul has worked as a microbiologist for the Urban Water Authority and as a chemist and facilities project manager in the pharmaceutical industry for  over five 5 years. After returning to academia in 1999 (School of Physics, The University of Melbourne), he was involved in the establishment of the facilities for the Melbourne node of the ARC Special Research Centre for Quantum Computer Technology which later went on to become an ARC Centre of Excellence. He was the School’s laser safety officer and environmental health and safety manager for a number of years and designed three of the cleanroom facilities at the campus, establishing the silicon processing line of the Melbourne node. As a Research Fellow in Quantum Optical Measurement, Paul mastered a range of processing and measurement technologies including lithography, ion implantation, Raman and photo-luminescence spectroscopies.

Paul is responsible for many of the operational activities of the MCN including training and environmental health and safety matters.

Paul is also a black belt ninja in the art of barbequing and cheesemaking - an unlikely union but one from which his colleagues have benefited greatly during his time at MCN.