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Welcome Deepagan!

Veerasikku Gopal Deepagan obtained his B.Tech. in biotechnology from Anna University, Chennai (2008). He did his M.Tech. in Nanomedicine from Amrita Institute of Nanosciences, Kochi (2010) with DST fellowship. He received his Ph.D. in...

Welcome Lars!

Lars is a postdoctoral research fellow working in the field of brain cancer theranostics in collaboration with CSIRO and Monash Biomedical Imaging, where he combines porous silicon nanoparticles and medical radioisotopes to improve the...

Welcome Sanduru

Sanduru Thamarai Krishnan commenced his Ph.D at MIPS, Monash University in February 2018 under the supervision of Prof. Nico Voelcker and co-supervision of Dr. David Rudd. His Doctoral studies focus on Lab-on-chip MALDI for...

Welcome Clara

Clara Pérez-Ràfols is visiting the group for the next three months. She is a PhD student in the Electroanalysis group from the University of Barcelona and her thesis focuses on the development of voltammetric electronic tongues...

Welcome Huajing

Huajing Wu commenced her PhD in April 2018 and will be working under the supervision of Professor Nicolas Voelcker and Dr Anna Cifuentes. Her research will focus on optimization and performance evaluation of biodegradable porous...

Welcome Kathy

Yingkai (Kathy) Wei commenced her PhD in March 2018. Her research will focus on work related to organ-on-a-chip project under the supervision of Professor Nico Voelcker and Dr Tommy Tong. Kathy completed her Bachelor...

New paper in Analytical Chemistry

Tommy and colleagues have recently published a research article in Analytical Chemistry: Microfluidic cell microarray platform for high throughput analysis of particle-cell interactions. With advances in nanotechnology, particles with various size, shape, surface chemistry, and...

Top 10 posters for the ResBaz conference 2018

One of our Ph.D student, Arianna’s poster has been shortlisted for the top 10 posters for the ResBaz conference 2018. The event will be held at Melbourne Uni next week. If anyone feels like supporting, she...

Welcome Anthony

Anthony just finished his bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Science at Monash University. He is now starting on his honours project focusing on electrochemical glucose biosensor based on vertical grown gold nanowires modified micropillars. He...

Welcome Tweety

Tweety Tang is visiting for 6 months as an exchange PhD student from the City University of Hong Kong under the supervision of Dr. Yun Wah LAM (Email: Tweety’s project focuses on the...