Category: PAPERS

New paper in Chemical Research in Toxicology

Angela and colleagues have recently published  in Chemical Research in Toxicology their work revealing a connection between DNA-nanoparticle (NP) binding and in vitro DNA damage induced by citrate- and branched polyethylenimine-coated silver nanoparticles (c-AgNPs and...

New paper in Nano Research

Morteza and colleagues have recently published  in Nano Research their work on new non-viral vector by means of chitosan coated oligonucleotide-loaded porous silicon (pSi) nanoparticles (NPs) for therapeutic oligonucleotide delivery. The results suggest that...

New paper in Advanced Functional Materials

Hashim and colleagues have recently published in Advanced Functional Materials a new method to fabricate size- and shape- controlled porous silicon (pSi) nanoparticles to be used as targeted anticancer drug delivery carriers. The method,...

ACS Biomacromolecules

We have just published a new coating method to produce antifouling coatings. Read it in ACS Biomacromolecules.

Journal of Materials Chemistry

Take a look at our paper just published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A on a porous silicon based photocathode for water splitting. Journal of Materials Chemistry

Review in Nano Today

We have just published a review in Nano Today on biomaterials, drug delivery and biosensor applications of silicon nanowires.