Alert: COVID-19 Updates

MCN Current Operational Status

The rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic is causing disruptions to our standard operations. Please watch this space for the latest information on access, staffing and services. Details on upcoming public holidays and/or planned disruptions to MCN lab access can be found here.

The broader ANFF network is also coordinating a response to COVID-19, see here for more details.

MCN: Updates to upcoming closures and progression along VIC’s COVID roadmap (sent: 29.10.21, 3:54pm)

Dear MCN Users-

I hope you’re all doing well and have been able to take advantage of the easing of restrictions. This letter is just a quick update to advise on a couple of planned interruptions to facility access and some changes related to VIC’s progression on the COVID roadmap.

Annual cleaning and gas bunker works

As mentioned in a previous update, we have had to push our normal Melbourne Cup cleaning and maintenance activities in order to align with the completion of the new MCN gas bunker. This has been done to minimise overall impact on you, the user. Details as follows:

  • December 3rd-10th — Cleanroom labs will be closed to all users for deep cleaning, electrical works and gas cabinet relocation. Note: some tools such as RIEs may need to come down a bit sooner to allow adequate time for pump out of gas lines. This will be communicated on a per tool basis by relevant staff.
  • December 6th-7th — All non-cleanroom laboratories closed to normal use save for time critical tasks such as feeding cells which can occur with permission from the Facility Manager Michael Imsic. A note to resident users in these spaces: Michael will be reaching out shortly re: help needed and plans for the week.

University Holiday Shutdown

  • December 21st – Jan 5th — During this time, the facility will be unstaffed. All MCN cleanroom instrumentation will be brought down or into a safe idle state for critical maintenance and annual vacuum integrity testing. No user activity in cleanrooms is permitted during this period. Access to wet laboratories will be permitted for low risk activity and maintenance of cultures etc. Users seeking facility access during this time must clear activity with the Facility Manager, Michael Imsic.

As a reminder, full details/updates concerning the operational status of the MCN as well as Victorian node capability hubs can always be found here.

Sean Langelier
General Manager, MCN | ANFF-VIC

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General Access


Use of QR code check-in required; vaccination requirements apply

Staff Support


Limited while we transition back to normal operations



Conducted via approved risk assessments for delivery of COVID-safe training: (1) Cleanrooms,  (2) General Labs  (3) Use of Meeting Rooms

New User Induction


open to all user activity

Fee for Service


Limited while we transition back to normal operations




open to all user activity

Non-cleanroom Labs


open to all user activity

ANFF-Victoria In-kind Capability Hubs

last update: 14.10.21 11:41am

Joint venture partners of the Victorian node provide open access to select in-kind infrastructure within their home organisations. The operational status of these facilities is listed below:

In-kind Capability



Biointerface Engineering Hub

Swinburne University

Limited staff access, operational for approved critical research only

Micro Nano Research Facility (MNRF)


Staffed; open for access; COVID measures in place

Micro and Nano Devices Laboratory & BMTF


staffed, operational for critical research only, closed to visitors

Materials Characterisation and Fabrication Platform (MCFP)

Melbourne University

Staffed; open for access and training

Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM)

Deakin University

Staffed; open for access and training; vaccination requirements apply from 15th Oct

Centre for Materials Surface Science (CMSS)

La Trobe University

Limited staff access, external access for Authorised Workers by arrangement, essential research only