RMIT University

The Micro-Nano Research Facility (MNRF) is a new research facility being built at RMIT University that will house facilities for the realisation of micro- and nano-devices for fundamental and applied research in biotechnology, electronics, electromagnetics, fluidics, materials science, photonics, and sensing. The facilities will include a full suite of photolithography equipment, wet processing facilities, polymer processing laboratories, thin film deposition and patterning equipment, micro- and nano-metrology capabilities, and support facilities for design and packaging. The MNRF is scheduled to open in March 2014.  This date is highly significant as the 30th anniversary of the opening of the RMIT Micro-electronics and Materials Technology Centre (MMTC).  With the opening of the new MNRF, MMTC will become a highly advanced teaching facility for nanotechnology, the RMIT MicroNano Teaching Facility (MNTF).

The MNRF will be a partner node of ANFF-Vic, offering complementary facilities and expertise to the national capability housed at MCN. User access policies and cost schedules similar to those within the MCN network will be implemented.

Dr Dru Morrish, Facility Manager
03 9925 0175