Since becoming fully operational in 2011, MCN has welcomed an average of 270 users per year, some accessing the facility for months at a time, others just for a few hours.

We are delighted to offer access to postgraduate students and staff from research institutions and industry clients around Australia and across the world.

There are four simple stages in to the registrations process to become an MCN user. If you wish to engage an MCN staff member to perform work for you, you may only need to take part in step 1.

Step 1: New customer form

MCN is pleased to offer all new users and clients a free, one-hour consultation to assess project feasibility and to plan the processes and training which will be required by the client at MCN. The consultation is confidential and obligation-free.

To prepare for this consultation, please complete a project inquiry form. The ability for MCN staff to prepare for the consultation session is influenced by the information that can be provided in this form. A member of the MCN staff will respond to your request within two working days.

Step 2: Book a consultation

A MCN staff member will contact you to book a time for your consultation, whereby they will help you to create a training plan designed to best meet your project needs.

Step 3: Attend induction

As the first step in your training plan will outline, all new clients are required to attend an MCN facility induction in order to perform independent work at the MCN. Details of the induction times can be found here.

Step 4:  Register at MCN Booking System

For all new users, please register at the MCN ACLS booking system with as much information as possible.

Step 5: Begin instrument training

Please contact the relevant staff members outlined in your training plan to begin appropriate instrument training.

Further information regarding our access policies can be found on the policies page of this website.