3D Printing

NanoScribe Photonic Professional GT2

The NanoScribe Photic Professional GT2 (PPGT2) is a direct laser lithography system that uses two-photon polymerisation for additive 3D printing. A focal spot volume is defined by an IR femtosecond laser that concentrates light pulses and within this volume polymerisation occurs. The X-, Y- and Z-coordinate of a CAD model is defined by a focal spot volume, allowing for a CAD design to be printed as a 3D nanostructure layer-by-layer.

The PPGT2 has a minimum XY feature size of 160nm and has a finest vertical resolution of 1000nm. A maximum build height of up to 8mm is achievable.

Multiple resins and objectives are available to allow for a range of printing processes including nanoscale, microscale and mesoscale printing.

The PPGT2 offers rapid prototyping for a variety of nanofabrication technologies, including microfluids, MEMS, microoptics, photonic metamaterials and plasmonics.

Stratasys J826 3D Printer

The Stratasys J826 Prime is a full color multi material 3D printer that works by jetting layers of curable liquid photopolymer onto a build tray creating exceptional detail, surface smoothness and precision. It prints up to seven materials simultaneously with options ranging from opaque, clear, flexible and rigid materials. The printer's mixed material capability allows combinations of color, transparency and flexibility on the final part.

The Stratasys J826 Prime has a build tray measuring 255 x 252 x 200 mm and prints with a 14um to 27um layer thickness. Applications include rapid prototyping, packaging development, medical models and fixtures for a variety of industries.