3D Printing

NanoScribe Photonic Professional GT2

The NanoScribe Photic Professional GT2 (PPGT2) is a direct laser lithography system that uses two-photon polymerisation for additive 3D printing. A focal spot volume is defined by an IR femtosecond laser that concentrates light pulses and within this volume polymerisation occurs. The X-, Y- and Z-coordinate of a CAD model is defined by a focal spot volume, allowing for a CAD design to be printed as a 3D nanostructure layer-by-layer.

The PPGT2 has a minimum XY feature size of 160nm and has a finest vertical resolution of 1000nm. 3D structures can be printed to a maximal build volume of 100 × 100 × 8 mm³.

The PPGT2 offers rapid prototyping for a variety of nanofabrication technologies, including microfluids, MEMS, microoptics, photonic metamaterials and plasmonics.