MCN acknowledgement incentives

MCN is offering user credits to all of those who correctly acknowledge ANFF-VIC in research papers. Tell us within 30 days of your paper being published that it includes the correct acknowledgement to receive $200 equivalent usage credits to be applied to a future quote.

MCN has now added a reward for journal front cover art. Get in touch within a year of your correctly acknowledged paper being featured as cover art within a peer reviewed journal to receive $500 worth of usage credits that can be applied to an upcoming project.


Noteworthy Publications

Electrolyte Gating in Graphene-Based Supercapacitors and Its Use for Probing Nanoconfined Charging Dynamics
-Nature Nanotechnology
Xiao J., Zhan H., Wang X., Xu Z.-Q., Xiong Z., Zhang K., Simon G.P., ZheLiu J., Li D.
In-plane anisotropic and ultra-low-loss polaritons in a natural van der Waals crystal
W. Ma, P. Alonso-González, S. Li, A. Y. Nikitin, J. Yuan, J. Martín-Sánchez, J. Taboada-Gutiérrez, I. Amenabar, P. Li, S. Vélez, C. Tollan, Z. Dai, Y. Zhang, S. Sriram, K. Kalantar-Zadeh, S. Lee, R. Hillenbrand, Q. Bao
Spatial mapping of band bending in semiconductor devices using in situ quantum sensors
Nature Electronics
D. A. Broadway, N. Dontschuk, A. Tsai, S. E. Lillie, C. T.-K. Lew, J. C. Mccallum, B. C. Johnson, M. W. Doherty, A. Stacey, L. C. L. Hollenberg, J. Tetienne
Separation of blood microsamples by exploiting sedimentation at the microscale
Scientific Reports
D. Forchelet, S. BŽguin, T. Sajic, N. Bararpour, Z. Pataky, M. Frias, S. Grabherr, M. Augsburger, Y. Liu, M. Charnley, J. DŽglon, R. Aebersold, A. Thomas, P. Renaud
Multiplexed detection of cancer biomarkers using a microfluidic platform integrating single bead trapping and acoustic mixing techniques
H. Chen, C. Chen, S. Bai, Y. Gao, G. Metcalfe, W. Cheng, Y. Zhu

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