APR.Intern Program


MCN and ANFF-VIC are teaming up with APR.Intern to connect industry with Postgraduate students and leading research capabilities through tightly focused research internships.

APR.Intern is a not-for-profit national research internship program building links between industry and universities. Through its many partnerships with research institutes, APR.Intern delivers a cost-effective solution for industry to tackle research challenges.

Through APR.Intern’s many partnerships with research institutes, eligible industry partners can also qualify for a number of rebates and vouchers which could drastically reduce the cost of the program by 50% (or more).

Gain access to one of the largest open-access cleanroom and characterisation environments in the Southern Hemisphere through one of the most trusted internship programs in the country.

View the program flyer by clicking here, or head to aprintern.org.au to find out more about the program, rebates, and vouchers on offer.

Contact internship@nanomelbourne.com with any questions or enquiries.