SEM images of CNT webs

(Left) The sides and bottom of the hot-embossed microfluidic channel uniformly covered by the CNT web. (Right) A top view of the channel: the lines parallel to the edge are bundles of CNT that kept their alignment during the embossing process.

October 2011

This project consisted of creating a set of Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) images of Carbon NanoTube (CNT) webs deposited on a thermoplastic polymer and hot-embossed to form microfluidic channels. The aim of the work at the MCN was to establish whether the CNT webs layer would conform to the embossed structure without losing the film continuity and the alignment. This project was undertaken in collaboration with Dr Matteo Altissimo for Ms Karolina Petkovic Duran from CSIRO. The SEM images above show that the CNT web is successfully embossed together with the thermoplastic polymer without losing alignment or breaking.