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2016 Australian Symposium on Nano-Scale Resolved Infrared Spectroscopy

September 12, 2016 - September 13, 2016



Infrared nano-spectroscopy is becoming a standard platform for opto-chemical analysis of molecular, plasmonic and photonic materials beyond the diffraction limit of light. This enhanced spatial resolution is achieved by combining scanning probe and infrared microscopies in a single experiment, in which optical resolution only depends on the form factor of the probe. Recently, with the use of broadband sources with high spectral irradiance through the mid-infrared range, such as synchrotron sources, many open questions related to the vibrational response of nanomaterials in the fingerprint region are closer to be elucidated. Single cell chemistry, two-dimensional metamaterials, nano-biomedicine, soft nanomaterials design and nanoparticles-based drug delivery are some of the potential areas to be benefited the technique.

Objectives of the Symposium

This symposium will offer over 2 days an interactive platform to learn about nano-scale resolved infrared spectroscopy through general lectures, case studies, modelling and data analysis session.
Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) data analysis as well as advanced IR micro-spectroscopy will also be highlighted and presented to provide a comprehensive overview for new users to the potential and limitations of the techniques.

Symposium Program Here