Metasurfaces with Asymmetric Optical Transfer Functions for Optical Signal Processing

Graphene oxide-coated Poly(vinyl alcohol) fibers for enhanced fiber-reinforced cementitious composites

Electrodeposited Vanadium Dioxide Films with Unique Optical Property

High-adhesion Vertically Aligned Gold Nanowire Stretchable Electrodes via a Thin-Layer Soft Nailing Strategy

Covalent-Cross-Linked Plasmene Nanosheets

Plasmene Metasurface Absorbers: Electromagnetic Hot Spots and Hot Carriers

An Ultrasensitive Silicon Photonic Ion Sensor Enabled by 2D Plasmonic Molybdenum Oxide

Near-Field Mapping of Localized Plasmon Resonances in Metal-Free, Nanomembrane Graphene for Mid-Infrared Sensing Applications

Nanostructure-induced performance degradation of WO3ánH2O for energy conversion and storage devices

Surface functionalization of wafer-scale two-dimensional WO3 nanofilms by NM electrodeposition (NMÊ= Ag, Pt, Pd) for electrochemical H2O2 reduction improvement