Total Chemical Synthesis of a Non-Fibrillating Human Glycoinsulin

Magnetic Nanoparticles Enhance Pore Blockage-Based Electrochemical Detection of a Wound Biomarker

Super-resolution Imaging of Proton Sponge-Triggered Rupture of Endosomes and Cytosolic Release of Small Interfering RNA

Drops on a Superhydrophobic Hole Hanging On under Evaporation

Shear Stress Regulates TRPV4 Channel Clustering and Translocation from Adherens Junctions to the Basal Membrane

A Method for Multi-Modal Spectroscopic Imaging to Characterise the Metal and Macro-Molecular Content of Proteinaceous Aggregates (“Amyloid Plaques”)

Formation of Polyrotaxane Particles via Template Assembly

Regenerated volume gratings in PMMA after femtosecond laser writing

Revealing the sequence of interactions of PuroA peptide with Candida albicans cells by live-cell imaging

Tumor cell-specific photothermal killing by SELEX-derived DNA aptamer-targeted gold nanorods