Characterisation of Ionic and Lipid Gradients within Corpus Callosum White Matter after Diffuse Traumatic Brain Injury in the Rat

A MACEing Silicon: Towards single-step etching of defined porous nanostructures for biomedicine

Study of Paper-based Assaying System for Diagnosis of Total Serum Bilirubin by Colorimetric Diazotization Method

Efficient Delivery of Dengue Virus Subunit Vaccines to the Skin by Microprojection Arrays

Microprojection arrays applied to skin generate mechanicalstress, induce an inflammatory transcriptome and cell death,and improve vaccine-induced immune responses

A Family of Heterocyclic Naphthalene Diimide (NDI) Analogues: Comparing Parent Isoquinoline Diimides and Phthalazine Diimides with NDI

Ion Induced Bidirectional Bending for Controlled Manipulation at Nanoscale

Building Laboratory-on-Tip for Imaging Biological Samples with Atom Probe Tomography

Mass spectrometry inside single proteins by atom probe tomography

Jellyfish?Based Smart Wound Dressing Devices Containing In Situ Synthesized Antibacterial Nanoparticles