Metadevices with Potential Practical Applications

Blocks of molybdenum ditelluride: A high rate anode for sodium-ion battery and full cell prototype study

Electrochemically Controlled Deposition of Ultrathin Polymer Electrolyte on Complex Microbattery Electrode Architectures

Nanostructure-induced performance degradation of WO3ánH2O for energy conversion and storage devices

Transparent Quasi-Interdigitated Electrodes for Semitransparent Perovskite Back-Contact Solar Cells

Role of Surface Recombination in Halide Perovskite Nanoplatelets

Sub-50_nm amorphous iron phosphate dihydrate nanoplates fabricated via liquid exfoliation from recycled steelmaking phosphate slag

Passivation behaviour of aluminium current collector in ionic liquid alkyl carbonate (hybrid) electrolytes

Role of iron species as mediator in a PEM based carbon-water co-electrolysis for cost-effective hydrogen production

An experimental and analytical study of the effects of shear displacement, fluid type, joint roughness, shear strength, friction angle and dilation angle on proppant embedment development in tight gas sandstone reservoirs