Detector-only spectrometer based on structurally-colored silicon nanowires and a reconstruction algorithm

Intrinsically Stretchable Fuel Cell Based on Enokitake?Like Standing Gold Nanowires

Cellular Deformations Induced by Conical Silicon Nanowire Arrays Facilitate Gene Delivery

“Stand-Out”: A Novel Approach for Preparing Sub-100 nm Samples Through in situIon Induced Bending

Local Crack?Programmed Gold Nanowire Electronic Skin Tattoos for In?Plane Multisensor Integration

Weaving nanostructures with site-specific ion induced bidirectional bending

Free-Standing 2D Nanoassemblies

Hierarchically Structured Vertical Gold Nanowire Arrays based Wearable Pressure Sensors for Wireless Health Monitoring

Vertically Stacked Silicon Nanowire Photodetectors for Spectral Reconstruction

A Janus gold nanowire electrode for stretchable micro-supercapacitors with distinct capacitances