Tuning the asymmetric response of metasurfaces for optical spatial filtering

Topological-darkness-assisted phase regulation for atomically thin meta-optics

Investigation and optimization of reactive ion etching of Si3N4 and polyphthalaldehyde for two-step gray scale fabrication of diffractive optics

Vertical Waveguide Arrays as Wavelength Selective Nanostructured Silicon Photodetector Pixels

Ultracompact Camera Pixel with Integrated Plasmonic Color Filters

Mid- to long-wave infrared computational spectroscopy using a subwavelength coaxial aperture array

Laser-inscribed stress-induced birefringence of sapphire

Hybrid refractive-diffractive microlenses in glass by focused Xe ion beam

Metamaterial Lensing Devices

Ultimate limitations in the performance of kinoform lenses for hard x-ray focusing