Multi-channel Parallel Silicon Mode-order Converter for Multimode On-chip Optical Switching

Low loss CMOS-compatible silicon nitride photonics utilizing reactive sputtered thin films

Ridge Resonance in Silicon Photonics Harnessing Bound States in the Continuum

On-Chip Photonic Spin Hall Lens

Dielectric cross-shaped resonator based metasurface for vortex beam generation in Mid-IR and THz wavelengths

Rapid prototyping of highly ordered subwavelength silicon nanostructures with enhanced light trapping

Direct detection of photon spin angular momentum by a chiral graphene mid-infrared photodetector

Broadband High?Efficiency Chiral Splitters and Holograms from Dielectric Nanoarc Metasurfaces

Spectral engineering of photonic filters based on mode splitting in silicon nanowire standing-wave resonators

Stable copper nanowire-graphene oxide thin films for nonlinear photonics