More than a gemstone: using diamond for next-gen electronics

The Conversation     

Laurens Willems van Beveren from the University of Melbourne discusses the use of diamond for scientific endevours and the role the MCN will play in future development of medical bionics.

An unconventional bottom-up strategy to fabricate nanostructures with gold nanoparticles


Nanowerk explores the work of MCN Technology Fellow, Associate Professor Udo Bach who has created an unconventional bottom-up strategy to fabricate nanostructures with gold nanoparticles.

A golden ray of hope

The Age 

The Age looks at a rising demand for power and showcases work from MCN Tech Fellow, Associate Professor Udo Bach who says that only a significant increase in solar energy will satisfy this power demand.

An Insight to Science 

Channel 10s’s Scope, Season 2, Ep 112, 20:15-23:15 mins

MCN Technology Fellow, Professor James Friend takes Channel 10’s Scope into the labs at MCN for an insight into science.

Small devices to fight a big disease

Science in Public 

Science in Public speaks to Dr. Sean Langelier, an MCN Senior Process Engineer to uncover microfluidics work undertaken at MCN which will assist with detection of dangerous water-borne pathogens.

Invisible fish could light the way to better optical devices

The Conversation

MCN Technology Fellow, Professor Saulius Juodkazis discusses  how the mechanisms that make some fish hard to see could be used in next-generation electronics.

Explainer: what is wave particle duality

The Conversation

MCN Technology Fellow Dr. Tim Davis, explains wave particle duality.

Einstein a Go Go

Triple R radio, 26 February 2012 

MCN Process Engineer, Doug Mair talks to Triple R radio about the important work taking place at MCN.