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Department of Business Innovation’s Research & Innovation Capabilities Brochure for Melbourne’s East  

In an excerpt from a brochure which highlights the R&D facilities in Melbourne’s east, DBI highlights MCN’s key skills and contributions.

Nanofabrication – Manufacturing for the Future

AMTIL magazine   

AMTIL highlights the ways in which Clayton is fast becoming a hub for nanotechnology development, showcasing MCN’s work with Vaxxas as a successful case study.

Science exchange facilitates international collaboration with NASA to develop super black carbon nanotubes 

Science Exchange   

Showcasing a collaboration faciliated by Science Exchange, this article looks at the work MCN undertook to help NASA grow the blackest material ever created.

NASA develops new technique to grow super black coating on 3D component 


Gizmag discusses the ALD work produced by MCN which has helped NASA to increase the potential applications of their technology, such as suppressing stray light that can overwhelm sensitive detectors.

Another nanotechnology milestone by NASA engineers


Nanowerk highlights the NASA/MCN collaboration and the ways in which MCN helped to fine-tune the recipe for creating the catalyst layer.