Australian-made device by muPharma uses ultrasound to non-invasively deliver eye therapies

MuPharma, a Melbourne-based biotech company founded by Dr. Harry Unger and Mr. Mark Unger, has developed an innovative ultrasound-based device for non-invasive delivery of therapies to ocular tissues. The handheld system, developed with engineering support from the MCN, consists of a reusable ultrasound actuator and a disposable tip with features to hold the relevant drug. The mechanism, called sonophoresis, uses gentle ultrasonic vibration to increase cell membrane permeability, allowing the drug to penetrate the tissues effectively. See link to the full article here.

Visionaries on road to curved screen success

From the Higher Education section of The Australian, Wed May 17th 2023

“A University of Melbourne re- search team has made the world’s first curved augmented reality display screens, a breakthrough that is expected to widen the use of AR technology in recreation and the workplace… Associate Professor Unnithan and his colleagues Christina Lim and Thas Nirmalathas developed the new technology in collaboration with Taiwanese company KDH Design Corporation and the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication.” See full article here.


Canadian-Australian Alliance Could Hold Key to Better Diagnosis and Treatment of Epilepsy

This work involves fabrication of sensors 1/5th the diameter of a human hair, capable of reliably detecting seizures in animal models.
@Nanomelb, working with Canadian biotech firm
@neuraura to advance epilepsy detection/treatment.