ANFF Design House workshops

MCN’s Hemayet Uddin, Lachlan Hyde and Ricky Tjeung taking part in the Tanner training in Melbourne.

Bringing together software packages from Synopsys, Coventor and TannerEDA, the ANFF Design House opens up new scope for device and process design outside of the lab. Available to all ANFF users, it focuses on packages for MEMS, semiconductor processing technologies and devices and 3D visualisation and will assist with device design and development.

Following its launch and initial training workshops in both the Tanner and Coventor Software Suites, Design House will be running an intensive workshop in applications of the Synopsys software in Sydney on Deceber 9 -11.

In a whirl-wind tour, Dr. Mary Ann Maher, the president and CEO of SoftMEMS, and Karen Lujan of Tanner EDA taught workshops in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney during October. Participants received training in the Tanner EDA analogue design tools and MEMS design environment and were given the opportunity to work on a design project under the guidance of Mary and Karen.

Intensive four day workshops were held in both Sydney and Perth on the Coventor software at the start of November. The workshops covered the basics of the suite but also delved into more specific applications such as capacitance response, noise simulation, gas damping and modeling of ultrasonic transducers.

Training for the Synopsys suite will run on December 9-11 at UNSW in Sydney and will include a basic introduction of TCAD concepts and tool usage, as well as sentaurus framework and visualisation, structure editor, process and device simulation, as well as an in-depth and hands-on 180nm CMOS case study. If you are interested in participating in this workshop, please email Design House coordinator, Shan Don.