La Trobe and MCN team up for course in microfabrication


For the past three years, La Trobe University and MCN have partnered to hold lab-practical sessions devoted to fundamentals of microfabrication and microfluidics. The event is always successful and provides incredible opportunities for students to connect the theoretical concepts taught in the classroom to real applications within a world-class clean room environment. This year’s offering was somewhat more comprehensive than years past, with students participating in virtually every aspect of device fabrication.
“By working together, our students have the opportunity to develop practical skills in microfabrication that are key to innovations in fields as diverse as health, energy, manufacturing and biosecurity. Through hands-on experience, students gain a deeper insight into the challenges and opportunities presented by fabricating devices on the micrometer scale and smaller. It is great to see students confidently working in a cutting-edge research facility — this will give them an edge in their future careers as research scientists, innovators or entrepreneurs.” Dr Grant van Riessen, La Trobe University
The students performed work using a variety of instruments including:
  • SUSS spin coater
  • EVG 6200 mask aligner
  • Pico spin developer
  • FILMetrics thin film mapping system
  • Ambios stylus profilometer.
The pair of fabrication/training sessions were coordinated by MCN process engineer (Dr Ricky Tjeung) and La Trobe University lecturer Dr Grant van Riessen. The practical sessions, held at MCN 24 March 2016, were arranged in support of La Trobe University undergraduate subject “Nanomaterials and Fabrication (PHY3NMF)” and masters subject “Advanced Nanomaterials and Fabrication (PHY5NFA).”