New tools at MCN: four-stack horizontal furnace system

SVCS four-stack furnace system
LPCVD growth film on six-inch silicon wafers
LPCVD Silicon Nitride on a six-inch silicon wafer with <5% thickness uniformity

MCN has completed commissioning of of our new four-stack horizontal furnace, for operation in the class 10,000 cleanroom. This furnace stack allows batch processing of up to 150mm wafers within the 200mm ID quartz liner, and provides access to high temperature annealing (>1000 degrees Celsius) of silicon and other substrates. The system features a HEPA controlled loading station as well as four individual processing tubes to cater for:

  • Boron dopant diffusion
  • Phosphorus dopant diffusion
  • Low-pressure chemical vapour deposition (LP-CVD) of silicon nitride, stoichiometric and low strain
  • General purpose atmospheric furnace to be used for annealing, inert gas processing and (dry) oxidation.

For more information please contact Ricky Tjeung or Paul Spizzirri.