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Here’s a selection of ANFF-VIC’s most recent publications:

An Enzyme-Coated Metal–Organic Framework Shell for Synthetically Adaptive Cell Survival

Journal: Angewandte Chemie

Authors: K. Liang, J. Richardson, C. Doonan, X. Mulet, Y. Ju, J. Cui, F. Caruso, and P. Falcaro

Controlled Growth of Monocrystalline Organo-Lead Halide Perovskite and Its Application in Photonic Devices

Journal: Angewandte Chemie

Authors: W. Mao, J. Zheng, Y. Zhang, A. Chesman, Q. Ou, J. Hicks, F. Li, Z. Wang, B. Graystone, T. Bell, M. Rothmann, N. Duffy, Y. Cheng, L. Spiccia, Q. Bao, and U. Bach

Porous PDMS structures for the storage and release of aqueous solutions into fluidic environments

Journal: Lab on a Chip

Authors: P. Thurgood, S. Baratchi, C. Szydzik, A. Mitchell and K. Khoshmanesh

Luminescence of a Transition Metal Complex Inside a Metamaterial Nanocavity

Journal: Small

Authors: T. Connell, S. Earl, C. Ng, A. Roberts, T. Davis, J. White, A. Polyzos, and D. Gómez

Environmentally Mediated Coherent Control of a Spin Qubit in Diamond

Journal: Physical Review Letters

Authors: S. Lillie, D. Broadway, J. Wood, D. Simpson, A. Stacey, J. Tetienne and L. Hollenberg