Recent publications

Here’s a collection of the recently published papers that have made use of ANFF-VIC’s open access facilities. To see more of the latest ANFF-enabled┬áresearch, head to our publications page.

Title Journal Authors
A microfluidic system for studying particle deposition during ultrafiltration Journal of Membrane Science H. Di, G. Martin and D. Dunstan
Energetic deposition, measurement and simulation of graphitic contacts to 6H-SiC Microelectronics Reliability H. Tran, M. Kracica, D. McCulloch, E. Mayes, A. Holland and J. Partridge
A Green Route to Conjugated Polyelectrolyte Interlayers for High-Performance Solar Cells Angewandte Chemie J. Subbiah, V. Mitchell, N. Hui, D. Jones and W. Wong
Revealing the sequence of interactions of PuroA peptide with Candida albicans cells by live-cell imaging Scientific Reports N. Shagaghi, M. Bhave, E. Palombo and A. Clayton