Nanofabulous Seminar: Stories of the Hot and Small: Nanofabricated Tools for Thermal Measurements


Management of heat is increasingly important in advancing technology, and is particularly critical for nanoelectronics and green energy. Desire to reduce heating or use unwanted heat to generate useful work continues to drive research into materials for heat management and thermoelectric systems that convert waste heat to electricity. Nanoscale engineering of these materials bring both tremendous promise and serious fundamental measurement challenges.


In this talk I will motivate these challenges, and show how unique approaches using micro- and nanomachining can produce tools capable of probing fundamental thermal physics and materials properties of thin films and nanostructures. Growth and patterning of thin silicon-nitride membranes are central to our approach to measuring nanoscale thermal properties. I will overview fabrication techniques for these suspended structures, and give examples and key results ranging from carbon nanotube networks for energy harvesting, to pure spin currents in metallic nanostructures, to surprisingly suppressed heat conductivity in thin gold and copper films.

Prof Barry L. Zink
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Denver, Denver, USA

09:00am, 11/07/2023
Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication Boardroom
151 Wellington Road, Clayton, 3168

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Meeting ID: 838 2539 1251 and passcode: 289903

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