Technology fellow presentations online

A selection of presentations from the MCN Technology Fellow showcase are now online. You can watch them below or at our Youtube channel, NanofabTV.

Professor Tim Davis from CSIRO discusses the all optical modulation of light by a metamaterial of nanoscale circuits. Prof. Davis showcases the ways in which light can be used to control other light beams to create optical circuits which mimic electrical circuits but operate the the speed of light. Delving into the artificial metamaterial which his team is creating, Prof Davis talks about the huge potential for these devices.

Dr. Yonggang Zhu from CSIRO discusses microfluidic chips for chemical and biological synthesis and integrated lab on a chip devices for sensing applications. He highlights the ways in which lab on a chip devices are useful for chemical and biological sensing, sample processing as well as materials synthesis.

Associate Prof. Ray Dagastine from Melbourne University discusses the nanomechanical properties of micro-capsules which make up foams and emulsions as well as the methods used to study them to asses their stability and weaknesses.

Dr. Brian Abbey from La Trobe University discusses the strain mapping at multiple length scales and the experimentally validating predictive modelling his team is undertaking. Dr. Abbey highlights some of the novel characterisation techniques they are developing to feed into predictive modelling for materials.