Vic Gov announces $50,000 vouchers

Cash MoneyyyyyyyyThe Victorian State Government has launched an Advanced Manufacturing Voucher Stream that provides eligible applicants with an additional $50,000 to develop new products and add capabilities.

The vouchers are designed to help Victorian manufacturers innovate, build scale and grow export capability. Up to $50,000 is available to each applicant through the scheme on a dollar-for-dollar cost matching basis.

The eligible projects must be “growth-oriented” activities such as the development and commercialisation of new products and/or advanced manufacturing processes.

MCN was designed for these sorts of projects and has years of experience in assisting businesses with the development of new products and processes through its expert engineers and ground-breaking nanofabrication capabilities.

As all IP that results from work conducted at the ISO 9001 certified facility belongs with the user, it’s an ideal environment to carry out the development stage of innovative projects.

For more information on the Voucher Scheme please head to this website:

If you would like to harness the Voucher Scheme using MCN capabilities please contact