Vote for your ANFF-VIC Image of the Year

Vote for your 2018 ANFF-VIC image of the year

View the shortlist for the ANFF-VIC Image of the Year and cast your vote. Click the image to see the original, and use the link provided to retweet and like the image of your choice.

“Aboriginal art”

(Confocal fluorescence microscope) – Nazia Tabassum

'Mice skin histology: Confocal fluorescence microscope image showing different viable strata; top stratum corneum, epidermis, dermis and hypodermis, containing different cells such as sebaceous glands, hair follicle bulbs, adipocytes cells, panniculus carnosus and pigmentation in bulbs. This histology was conducted after topical delivery of fluorescent molecules using silicon nanoneedles. In future studies, this designed study will facilitate to investigate the penetration and permeation of fluorescent-labelled antineoplastic drug into viable layers of skin and drug delivery against skin cancer melanoma.'

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(SEM) – 
Aaqil Rifai, Alastair Stacey, Kate Fox

'Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) coated on 3D printed titanium using the MCN CVD 6500 equipment. This is an SEM image which beautifully represents the 111 (triangular) facets training whereas the 100 (square) facets do not. Our work has been published in the article entitled: "Polycrystalline Diamond Coating of Additively Manufactured Titanium for Biomedical Applications".' 

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(SEM) – Marina Adeeb Tadros

'It is Fibroblast cells plated on silicon nanowire. The image was taken at MCN at FEG-SEM.'

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“Microscopic Gardening: Tiny Blossoms of Silicon”

(SEM) – Vivek Garg

'The image show scanning electron micrograph of Silicon nanoflowers realized 
with focused ion beams in conjunction with wet chemical etching. The bulk structuration of Si substrate, based on the ion implantation design and area, allows fabrication of exotic functional and 3D micro/nanostructures on Si substrate exhibiting unique optical properties for applications in nanophotonics and physical sciences.'

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"The Tree of Life"

(SEM) – Stella Aslanoglou, Crystal Chen
, Gediminas Gervinskas

'Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) image of a focused ion beam cut revealing the interface between a mouse immune B cell and a single silicon nanowire after 1 h of incubation. Silicon nanowires (SiNWs) are employed for the intracellular delivery of biomolecules towards the development of a novel cell-based immunotherapy. SiNW fabrication and cell culture was performed at MCN facilities. FIB-SEM sample preparation and imaging was performed at the Ramaciotti Centre for Cryo-Electron Microscopy.'

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A strong list of contenders has been whittled down to 5 finalists for the ANFF-VIC Image of the Year, following an internal shortlisting process.

Now it’s time for the public to have their say and help decide the best image to come out of the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication in 2018, and who should take home the $200 cash prize.

In the captions to the images in the slide deck above is a link to a tweet. Choose your favourite image and then cast your vote by retweeting or liking the corresponding tweet.

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The winner will be announced on 26 March 2019.