New capabilities commissioned and ready for use

“The Australian Research Council (ARC) and a Monash University-led consortium have funded new infrastructure with advanced multi-functional 3D imaging capabilities, which will provide unprecedented capabilities to investigate the complex processes in electrical, photonic, optoelectronic, and energy devices in Australia.” -link to official press release here.

The investment was used to fund a pair of capabilities that are currently available for access and training. The capabilities are:

Witec Alpha300R Confocal Raman

  • Confocal Raman Imaging at high speeds with unprecedented resolution and sensitivity
  • Hyperspectral image generation, i.e., spectroscopic info in every pixel
  • Large DOF allows 3D imaging and depth profiling
  • Spectrum acquisition in one millisecond
  • Non-destructive analysis with no staining or fixation of the sample required
  • more info on this technique here

NeaSNOM-nanoFTIR upgrade

  • neaSNOM microscope upgraded to allow for imaging and spectroscopy by addition of broadband IR laser and detector
  • Allows the study of chemical, structural and electronic properties of a sample at a spatial resolution up to 10nm; 1000x improvement over conventional micro FT-IR
  • Non-destructive measurement method is equally suited for organic and inorganic samples
  • more info on this technique here

For training and/or more information on these new MCN capabilities, please contact our engineers by emailing