Policies & forms

It is important that all users are familiar with MCN’s policies and that users read the facility

Facilities-Manual_Icon MCN acknowledgment policy

The MCN access and pricing policy requires that all academic publications arising from the use of MCN subsidised facility time are required to acknowledge MCN. Please include acknowledgements in the following form and report any new publications to the MCN facility manager.

Papers: Please use the following in the acknowledgement section of any papers:

“This work was performed in part at the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication (MCN) in the Victorian Node of the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF).”

Presentations: The MCN logo should be included on the acknowledgements slide of a Presentation.



Capabilities Booklet

This combines all of MCN’s technical suite of laboratory tools.


Facility manual

This combines all MCN’s policies and procedures and highlights facility operations.


General conduct policy

This guides users regarding the expected compliance with policies and procedures.


Access & pricing policy

This provides pricing information for accessing MCN’s facilities.


Security policy

This defines the security procedures used to ensure safety and monitor access.


Intellectual property policy

This specifies the arrangements in place to protect intellectual property rights.


Biochem labs usage policy

This covers appropriate use of the biochemistry laboratory at MCN.


Industry lab usage policy

This guides industry clients in the costs and billing process for their usage of MCN labs.


Out-of-hours policy

This covers the use of MCN equipment outside of normal working hours.


Undergraduate student policy

This provides guidance on the supervisory requirements for undergraduate students.


Third party equipment policy

This covers the governance and use of any third party equipment house at MCN.


New chemicals, process and equipment form

Utilise this form to apply for the use of new chemicals, processes and equipment at MCN.


Strategic OHS plans

This covers MCN’s strategic OHS plans for 2015.