ANFF Design House adds IntelliSuite

IntilliEtch has been validated for the simulation of submicron nanocavities in order to generate chiral surfaces and nanoparticles 

ANFF Design House has now grown to incorporate a fourth software suite – IntelliSuite. Covering all aspects of the MEMS design cycle, IntelliSuite provides a groundbreaking, end-to-end software solution for MEMS professionals. Some of the key package elements include:

Blueprint - A layout tool made specifically for the MEMS community, Blueprint supports GDS and DXF layout files and includes a built-in DRC tool. It also allows users to optimise their designs with the Quick3D feature and cross-section viewing capabilities.

  • Fastfield Multiphysics - A fully coupled multiphysics tool for electrostatic, mechanical and thermal analysis, Fastfield works directly with IntelliSuite’s MEMaterial database and the Hexpresso meshing engine. Users can also perform unattended, multiphysics-based parametric analyses.
  • Cleanroom Process Suite – This suite allows users to either quickly simulate and visualise complex, custom process flows with IntelliFab and FabSim, or select one of the many commercial PDK templates. IntelliEtch enables the rapid simulation of anisotropic etching of silicon or quarts on high-order planes, while the Cleanroom tools use physical solving methods, yielding much more accurate results than traditional voxel-based geometric approximation methods.
  • SYNPLE – SYNPLE allows users to capture MEMS designs and systems at a schematic level and optimise by performing rapid behavioral analysis. Fast synthesis of mask layouts and 3D meshed models directly from schematics is also possible.

The IntelliSuite software architecture is based on a unique combination of bottom-up, process-driven design and top-down synthesis. Top-down methodology allows users to quickly explore a wide range of design options, while bottom-up design provides the accuracy to produce first-time right silicon. These methods are combined to get you to your designs faster and with fewer process iterations in the clean room.

IntelliSuite joins Coventor, Tanner EDA and Synopsys in ANFF Design House’s comprehensive suite of software for MEMS, semiconductor processing technologies and devices and 3D visualisation. If you are interested in utilising any of these software suites in support of fabrication projects undertaken at MCN or other ANFF nodes, please contact Design House Coordinator, Shan Don.