Nanofabulous Seminar: Hot tip nanoengineering: 30 years and counting


Soon after the first publication in 1985 of the atomic force microscope (AFM) attempts were made to extend AFM-based surface probing from microscopy to lithography. In this talk, I will start by giving some background how heated AFM probes were initially designed and microfabricated that led to today’s advanced thermo-mechanical probe design. The paper will then review some of our own work in t-SPL writing and pattern transfer, as well as our recent work on functional material, including silk and 2D materials. Download flyer here.

Juergen Brugger

Professor of Microengineering at EPFL

3:00pm, 27/04/2023

At the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication Boardroom

151 Wellington Road, Clayton, 3168

Zoom link: click here

Meeting ID: 825 8329 3989 and passcode: 895050