New ANFF-VIC staff member at Deakin’s IFM

Dr Dylan Hegh has joined ANFF-VIC at Deakin University and will be responsible for industry engagement on fibre-related research at the Institute of Frontier Materials IFM.

His role is also to promote and facilitate the open access of these facilities so that they are made available beyond the host University to the wider academic and industrial communities, and will support research projects involving the development, production and characterisation of fibres and yarns using electrospinning, melt-spinning and wet-spinning facilities.

Dylan is from New Zealand, has a PhD in chemistry, and has previously worked as a postdoc on commercial projects including drug delivery of antiparkinsonian and anti-seizure medication. He has recently finished a commercial project wet spinning natural and man-made polymers to produce textile fabrics for garments at Deakin University.

ANFF-VIC is delighted that Dylan has joined the network, and looks forward to the exciting developments his work will enable.